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Root Canal Therapy Has Never Been Easier With Sacred Heart Dental Care

At Sacred Heart Dental Care, we preserve your natural and beautiful teeth with root canal therapy. Dr. Luzviminda Dayrit works with our visiting endodontist, ensuring our patients receive the best possible treatment. Combined with our restorative work, your teeth will continue to look beautiful and uniform.

If you have a toothache or notice new sensitivity on a tooth, decay may have entered inner teeth structures, and a root canal is the only way to treat it. Contact us to address this discomfort and to receive a professional diagnosis. 

Root Canals Prevent Tooth Loss

The main goal of root canal therapy is to prevent the extraction of teeth. Decay eats away at enamel and creates cavities, which are easily corrected when caught early on. After a time, the decay spreads to inner teeth structures and infects the connective tissues and nerves. This infection, if left untreated, can result in decay affecting gums, requiring tooth extraction. Root canal therapy removes the infection and prevents the need for extraction, saving the natural tooth. Although many believe this treatment to be invasive or uncomfortable, your professionals at Sacred Heart Dental Care do all they can to ensure your appointment is easy and efficient. 

Nothing to Fear with Expert Root Canal Therapy 

Our Rancho Cucamonga practice utilizes the help of a specialist to accomplish root canals safely and comfortably. Dr. Dayrit works with our endodontist to tailor the treatment to patient needs, whether we need to accommodate a sensitive smile or patients feel anxiety. We begin the procedure only when patients are numbed and at ease. Decay and infected pulp are removed, then the empty canals are sanitized and filled with an anti-microbial material that supports inner tooth structure. The treated tooth is then prepared for the custom restoration. 

Teeth Restored with Customized Crowns 

Crowns replace any lost teeth structure as a result of root canal therapy. Depending on patient need, we can craft crowns in a single visit with our CEREC machine or have them prepared by a trusted dental lab. In either case, crowns are designed based on molds taken of patients’ teeth. Made from premium materials, including porcelain and zirconia, they last for many years and withstand daily wear. Resistant to teeth staining and crafted to be the same shade as existing teeth, crowns provide renewed esthetics and bite function. Dr. Dayrit takes the time to make sure each crown is as beautiful as possible. 

Contact Sacred Heart Dental Care in Rancho Cucamonga 

If you have not scheduled your bi-annual appointment, or have noticed the symptoms of teeth decay, call us. We will perform a thorough examination and pair your needs with our conservative treatments.