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Orthodontics – Sacred Heart Dental Care – Luzviminda Dayrit, DDS – Rancho Cucamonga 

Orthodontic treatment prevents many kinds of dental issues and improves the appearance of the smile. Sacred Heart Dental Care offers orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages in Rancho Cucamonga. Our dentist, Luzviminda Dayrit, DDS, has over 10 years of experience correcting teeth and jaw alignment issues with braces. From consultation to treatment, we provide all that patients need to obtain a straight and healthy smile. 
To address malocclusion, please call us today. Our initial orthodontics consultation is free and allows you to be well-informed of your treatment options and occlusal needs. 

Are Braces Necessary?

Orthodontic treatment is crucial to preserving teeth for their lifetime. Malocclusion, or bite and teeth alignment issues, affect the smile in various ways. An improper bite can damage teeth and strain jaw muscles and joints to the point where TMD may develop. Unevenly spaced teeth are the perfect environment for bacteria to become trapped and develop into cavities or periodontal disease. Self-esteem is affected as well, for an uneven or crooked smile does not inspire confidence. It is Dr. Dayrit’s goal to correct any and all malocclusion, in order to protect the smile from damage and supports renewed self-confidence. Although typically reserved for younger patients, braces are also recommended for adults who have alignment issues that were never fully corrected. 

Providing Orthodontic Care in Rancho Cucamonga

We give each patient a customized treatment plan that addresses their individual needs. When dealing with mild to severe malocclusion, we will deliver appropriate braces treatment for your needs. In the case oral surgery is required, Dr. Dayrit coordinates with nearby specialists to ensure the care is to our standards. We offer tailored braces treatment designed to fulfill the needs of each age group. During and after treatment, we support patients with their additional needs and educate them on proper care guidelines. Patients can obtain electric toothbrushes and Waterpik devices for simplified at-home care.


Patients around the age of seven are given a preventive orthodontic exam that looks to see how the adult smile is developing. For children that do need care for early malocclusion, Sacred Heart Dental provides phasal braces treatment. Phase one treatment begins with palatal expanders and spacers and is completed with a set of braces once the jaw has been aligned to a certain position. This phased treatment prepares children for a full adult smile and can eliminate the need for braces in their teen years. Afterward, we will determine a child’s need for additional orthodontic treatment. If the second round of braces is required, the treatment should be all the more efficient. We can customize braces to make alignment more fun using colored bands. 

Teens and Adults

Sometimes it is not possible for patients to receive necessary orthodontic treatment while young. Braces treatment, however, has no age limit and can be placed on anyone who requires improved alignment. We offer clear brackets and wires as an option, for those who wish to have improved aesthetics during their treatment. 

We provide comprehensive orthodontic care in Rancho Cucamonga. Visit us today for a consultation